Megan’s Garden

Here are a few pics of Megan’s garden. It was cold outside so she started them inside from seeds. She is good at this…

We got a Teardrop trailer

I been wanting to build a teardrop trailer for some time. And today I got lucky and found this little gem. The guy who was building it was just over it and had no ambition to finish it. So we picked it up very cheap.

I will be doing a little ‘customizing’ to it. Then probably sale it.

Oro Grande Days 2019

We went out to Oro Grande days today. Always a good time. And Megan like to go into the antique shops.

Jeep Brakes

Took the Jeep out wheeling last weekend and lost all braking power. I limped it home and got the jacks under it.

I replaced the pads, rotors, master cylinder and power booster. They are better, but I think the ABS is bad. So that will be next. Ching, ching, ching…

300 Update

Adam at SpankinTime Motorsports got the new fuel system installed in the 300 today. He got it on the dyno and got some good numbers. Ended up about 800whp/680wtq. All was good, then the trans failed. Lost all gears.

So the transmission was pulled and is being sent back to Southern Horod to get it all fixed up. So, the end is in sight. I have had transmission issues since the day I picked the car up. Glad to see SpankinTime is all over it.

Helmet and coat hooks

I got tired of not having a good place to hang my helmet. And I always have so much crap in front on my cabinets that is is a pita to get inside them. So I did a little searching and found some nice hooks to solve this problem. These work great and I recommend them. You can get them here