Deep Cleaning Floor Mats

A little deep cleaning of some nasty floor mats. I use Super Clean mixed 4:1 for tough cleaning.

Masterson’s Wax Car Meet

Had a real good time at Masterson’s today. Had a good showing and no drama. Look forward to going again soon. Car ran like crap, but got me down there. Can’t wait for it to be right!

Ride to Wrightwood, CA

Here’s a quick ride I did to Wrightwood, CA.

This was recorded on a Sena 10c (not pro). Not a bad camera, but better as a communicator. Im riding on my cammed ’16 HD Street Bob.


Feb 16, 2019 2:22 pm

FooGallery Test

Testing out FooGallery for the site. So far I really like it. First upload your photos to create a gallery, Then use the shortcode to embed the gallery. Pretty good stuff..


King of the Hammers 2019

Had a good time with my bro Matt at KOH this year. It was cold, but still a good time. Here are a few pics of our trip.