Megan’s Garden

Here are a few pics of Megan’s garden. It was cold outside so she started them inside from seeds. She is good at this…

We got a Teardrop trailer

I been wanting to build a teardrop trailer for some time. And today I got lucky and found this little gem. The guy who was building it was just over it and had no ambition to finish it. So we picked it up very cheap.

I will be doing a little ‘customizing’ to it. Then probably sale it.

Oro Grande Days 2019

We went out to Oro Grande days today. Always a good time. And Megan like to go into the antique shops.

Jeep Brakes

Took the Jeep out wheeling last weekend and lost all braking power. I limped it home and got the jacks under it.

I replaced the pads, rotors, master cylinder and power booster. They are better, but I think the ABS is bad. So that will be next. Ching, ching, ching…