300 Update

Adam at SpankinTime Motorsports got the new fuel system installed in the 300 today. He got it on the dyno and got some good numbers. Ended up about 800whp/680wtq. All was good, then the trans failed. Lost all gears.

So the transmission was pulled and is being sent back to Southern Horod to get it all fixed up. So, the end is in sight. I have had transmission issues since the day I picked the car up. Glad to see SpankinTime is all over it.

Baseline dyno for my ’12 SRT 426 stroker and a 3.6L Kenne Bell

I put a 426 in my SRT300 earlier this year. Now that the motor is broken in I decided to put a 3.6L Kenne Bell on the car. Here is the dyno @ 9psi. It ran lean so we installed a bigger fuel pump. Then the transmission couldn’t handle the power. So now I have a SHR War Viking trans and a 3200 stall. This pull was: 725whp/669wtq @ 9lbs. Car ended up making a little over 800whp. Currently back in the shop getting a new fuel system. Guessing it will make 830whp. From there I will decide to keep it or bring it down a little.

Testing out the WP gallery

Testing out the new WP Gallery. I don’t like it. Need lightbox. So it will be changed again. I figured I would leave it up until I get some other pics of my car. Soon…